Dresses UK in their new apartment just outside paris

20 Mar 14 - 21:40

Elsewhere it doesn't matter I'm often reminded how even back home, in europe many roads lead to baghdad. Over the weekend, i visited my daughter a converted muslim and her husband, a second generation frenchtunisian, in their new apartment just outside paris.We had a delightful lunch and spent a long time looking at and, at times, laughing over photos of their recent wedding(Especially dad's speech, in french). Both juliette and nader are practicing muslims, but not fundamentalist in any way.Both are western professionals who are appalled by the violence with which islam their religion has become associated. In the course of our table talk, i pointed to a young woman wearing a hijab the muslim veil in one of the wedding reception photos and asked who it was.She was the wife of one of nader's cousins, i was told. "Is she shiite or sunni? "I asked, thinking erroneously, it turned out that the more conservativelooking muslims at the reception would be shiite.Both nader and juliette looked at me with blank stares.Then they looked at each other.Then back to me. "I really don't know,"Offered nader, somewhat embarrassed, or confused, by the question. "You don't know? "I replied, in disbelief and, no doubt, conditioned by my extensive time in iraq. "How can you not know? " ''Because it's not something we ever talk about,"Answered Dresses UK nader. "Shiite, or sunni, it just doesn't matter.'' Covering an aberration, not the norm It took a good amount of time for that answer to sink in.I think it still is, days later.And, as it does, i'm realizing to what extent we journalists are conditioned by the stories we cover, especially when it involves people who kill other people for sectarian reasons. Iraqis are dying, by the dozens, on a daily basis, because of their name, or the way they wear a veil, or the mosque they pray at, or the products they buy, or the company they keep.In baghdad, we are so conditioned to the lifeanddeath importance of religious sects that the normal muslim world where people just don't ask and don't care almost makes no sense. But what we cover is so often the aberration, not the norm.Just as years ago i realized that, in northern ireland, it was an aberration to ask whether someone went to church or chapel see results about Prom Dresses on a sunday morning, or, in bosnia, whether you were a serb, a croat or a muslim. And, when i return for my next assignment in iraq, the ugliness of that sectarian violence will now be even uglier, measured against the innocent, blank stares of my own family.

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